Investment management products and solutions

For institutions, financial advisors, and investment specialists who consider all facets of their clients’ lives, our various asset management teams provide industry-leading investment expertise that delivers risk-adjusted, long-term results to investors.


For clients who would like to invest worldwide with the reach of Canada’s international bank, ScotiaFunds provides access to a diverse range of products and services.

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Dynamic Funds®

For investors and advisors who are looking for portfolio construction and investment solutions excellence, Dynamic Funds offers financial solutions through open and closed end funds, Dynamic iShares Active ETFs, Dynamic Active Alternatives and managed portfolio solutions such as the Dynamic Private Investment Pools.

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Scotia Strategic ETF PortfoliosTM

Scotia Strategic ETF Portfolios are a suitable option for clients looking to receive simplistic, flexible, and low, manageable fees within a skillfully diversified single asset class portfolio. 

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